Grounds maintenance and other data...

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Grounds maintenance and other data...

Post by Beverley T on Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:59 pm

The GeoInformation Group - Who are we?
We excel in the delivery of geographic information products and projects for a wide range of professional markets, including housing and property.
We are committed to ensuring you have the very best experience with us and get the very best value out of the products and services we provide.
The GeoInformation Group is a Verisk Analytics business with access to worldwide data and analytics solutions for our customers.

Following the acquisition, we have been evaluating the data we collect and how we can help our customers make the most from the information they currently have or are looking to acquire. With this in mind, I've posed the question "Data Requirements" in the "General Discussion". It would be great to get an understanding of what projects you're working on and the data you would ideally like to use or obtain.

In the meantime, I've listed below a brief summary of our four product brands, with links to some of the projects we've worked on.

UKMap -!ukmap/ci1l
A large-scale mapping database - currently available for Greater London.
A number of organisations already use UKMap including TfL, GLA, Metropolitan Police, Harrow Council and Morrison Utility Services. UKMap has been used for a variety of projects, for example, the identification of back garden buildings being used for illegal dwellings, grounds maintenance (, planning applications, risk assessments and urban heat risk mapping (!UKMap-Highlights-Londons-Hotspots/c4mm/NewsPostsItem2_i4ykgi7y65_2).
Due to the fresh capture of aerial photography of London, UKMap will be expanded to cover London to just beyond the M25.
We have also used the UKMap creation principles for clients who require detailed mapping for their particular area of interest, which then falls under the UKSurvey banner.

UKBuildings -!ukbuildings/c1his
A national level, residential and non-residential property information database.
Information available includes: building outlines; building height; age and structural type; construction material; usage and number of floors.

UKLand -
A detailed, national land use database providing a valuable insight into land usage across the UK.
A maintained database that has helped our clients with their planning and managing assets projects. Includes 27 classifications of land usage, available off-the-shelf for the UK.

UKSurvey -!uksurvey/c10lh
Our service delivery arm dedicated to the collection of high quality data using aerial imaging platforms or ground-based survey skills.
Aerial surveys, data collection and bespoke mapping products are all covered under this banner. We also offer our services to scan, rectify and mosaic hard copy prints and transparencies to ensure this valuable resource is available alongside the current imagery layers.
We have recently captured the London area again, at 10cm pixel resolution. Deliverables include the standard aerial photography (RGB), together with NIR (used to evaluate the location and health of trees and vegetation), DSM (Digital Surface Model) and DTM (Digital Terrain Model).

Please feel free to contact me for further details or to pose any data related questions!

Kind regards,

Beverley Tyrrell
Senior Account Manager
The GeoInformation Group
01223 891700
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